The First Public School under the Americans was established in the “Tribunal” building. (Later to be sight of the Municipio). Mr. Looker, a 25 year old soldier, opened the night classes. Mr. Blasé, a tall, thin American soldier replaced Mr. Looker. Mr. Victorio Sta. Ana held classes the whole day and took charge of younger and small children.


Scattered classes were organized in different parts of San Felipe Neri (Old name of Mandaluyong). Miss Fanny Dankling held her classes in the old Inocentes. Mr. Eastman taught the old house of Atty. Generoso Castañeda and F. Blumentritt (1902). Mr. Clemente Fernando (Maestrong Enteng) and Maestrang Tona his sister, taught the boys and the girls respectively (1903).


Mr. Clemente Fernando was promoted as principal of the public school. Miss Enriqueta Lacanan and Miss Agustina Pedro came as the new teachers in the public school.


Mr. Marcelo Lerma, the Municipal Presidente, conceived the idea of constructing a school building on a permanent site, but the town did not have enough funds. Classes were still held in the “Tribunal” building with Mr. Paulino Castillo as principal. The four classes handed by Miss Asuncion Pedro, Miss Eusebia Torres, Mr. Antonio Sepio and Mr. Alceniga until 1917.


Mr. Mariano Castañeda, the town Presidente, built a four-room schoolhouse on the lot bought from the ‘HACIENDA DE MANDALUYON” or Mandaluyong estates. The school building was named “SAN FELIPE NERI PRIMARY SCHOOL”


Mr. Flaviano Aviola replaced Mr. Castillo as principal. Miss Cipriana Angeles, Miss Esperanza Flores and Mr. Arsenio Dizon came and were added to Miss Josefina Leyva and Miss Asuncion Pedro.


Mr. Jose Angeles became the new principal. Mr. Roman L. Santos became a supervisor. Three new teachers came, Miss Trinidad de Leon, Mr. Sesinando Angeles, and Miss Paulino.


Mr. Ricardo Angeles succeeded Mr. Jose Angeles as principal.


Mr. Maximo Menguito became the new principal, while Mr. Madlangbayan the new supervisor.


Under Presidente Gregorio Pedro, the two wings of the school building were added, making the 4-room building into a 17-room schoolhouse. Mr. David Santos became the new supervisor. Mr. Manuel Alberto became the new principal.


Mr. Cresencio Peralta replaced Mr. Alberto as principal.


Mr. Constancio Gabriel became the supervising principal of the school.


Mr. Gabriel was replaced by Mr. Generoso del Rosario.


Mr. C. Gabriel was reassigned to Mandaluyong but was soon promoted to District Supervisor. Mr. Severino Pagkalinawan became the principal. A shop building, a Home Economics building and a driveway for the school were constructed.


The Mandaluyong Elementary School was allowed to open by the Japanese authorities with Mrs. Rosario C. Gabriel as supervising principal.


-Mr. Angel Santiago had the longest term as Principal of MES.


– Mrs. Felicitas S. Ventura acted as OIC of MES.


-Mrs. Maria O. Reyes, who is also from the town and was then serving as a Principal in a school in Pasig was assigned as the new Principal of MES.


Mrs. Felicitas Ventura, who came from Pinaglabanan Elementary School, was reassigned as Principal of MES, before her promotion as General Education Supervisor in Mathematics.


MANDALUYONG BECAME A CITY with the creation of the Division of Mandaluyong on June 3, 1994 with Dr. Pedro A. Ramos as the first schools Division Superintendent, the term of Mrs. Erlinda T. Celestial as principal of MES was short lived due to her promotion as General Education Supervisor I.


Miss Remedios A. Soledad took over as principal.


Mrs. Emelinda A. Osillo became the principal. Miss Soledad was promoted to District Supervisor of Mandaluyong I.

1997- Nov. 1999

Mrs. Ester C. Villareal, as the new principal, initiated the move to have the 1st FOUNDATION DAY celebration of Mandaluyong Elementary School.


Mrs. Emelinda A. Osillo acted as Officer-in-charge of MES, at the same time District I Supervisor.


Dr. Josefina L. Atog, a former teacher and Assistant to the Principal was promoted as new principal of MES, and was awarded as the Outstanding Principal of the City of Mandaluyong.


A remarkable year for MESians, come October 2001, the CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION OF ITS FOUNDATION DAY

2008 (May 2008-October 2009)

MRS. CARMELITA S. PEREGRINO, Principal III assigned at Mandaluyong Elementary School replacing Dr. Josefina L. Atog who retired from the service.

2009 (October 2009-March 2010)

MRS. Rita E. Riddle, Administrative Officer of the Division office took charge at Mandaluyong Elementary School replacing Mrs. Carmelita Peregrino who retired from the service.

2010 (March 2010-July 2010)

Dr. Veneranda A. Raz, District Supervisor of District I took charge at Mandaluyong Elementary School replacing Mrs. Rita Riddle who was promoted as ASDS in Paranaque City.

2010 (July 2010-September 2011)

Mrs. Luz T. Amaro, Principal III, formerly from Hulo Elementary School became the new principal of Mandaluyong Elementary School.

2011 (September 2011-April 2012)

Mr. Rex A. Ado-ES 1 Supervisor

A former classroom teacher and Master Teacher 1 of MES, then promoted ES 1 Supervisor, became OIC-Principal of Mandaluyong Elementary School.

April 2012- October 2017

Mrs. Whelma M. Hilario, Principal III from Nueve de Febrero Elementary School is the new Principal of Mandaluyong Elementary School.

October 2017 - November 2018

Dr. Imelda O. Garcia, Principal IV, formerly from Hulo Elementary School became the new principal of Mandaluyong Elementary School.

December 2018 - up to present

Mrs. Elvira R. Canilao, formerly from Plainview Elementary School appointed as the new principal of Mandaluyong Elementary School.